Find Your Ideal Cushion Style

Find Your Ideal Cushion Style

Much like jewellery that perks up that nifty, little cocktail dress, cushions provide the finishing touches to styling of beds and lounging chairs. In fact, cushions do more than just uplift drab-hued upholstery; they can actually go as far as transform a room’s look and feel and minimize costs of redecoration.

Cushions are an interior decorator’s power accessories. When thoughtfully styled and arranged, these upholstered baubles can subtly tie a room together, change the ambience, add depth to decoration, or create a new look. But the question is what style should you go for? 

We recommend three current cushion styling trends that are a cinch to pull off with the right selections. 

Classic Hamptons

The aesthetics of an Australian-inspired Hamptons look draws from a plethora of bright, airy palettes such as whites, neutrals, and ocean hues. Plain sofas in shades of grey, light blue, white, cream, or khakis make wonderful, soothing backdrops for cushions in fog blue or navy blue hues.

Plain cushions can act as the base palette on which simple patterns such as bold blocks or stripes make perfect secondary layers.

Scatter cushions in striking patterns and reflecting the base colours make the proverbial cherries-on-top. The effect is an alluring arrangement of elegance and quiet coastal appeal. 

Carefree Boho-Streamlined Scandi 

A wonderful fusion of disparate aesthetics, the Boho-Scandi style is an intriguing blend of the carefree, breezy, nature-loving Bohemian spirit with the minimalist, clean lined, contemporary Scandinavian restraint. It is a synthesis displaying a modern, urbane translation of pared back, relaxed earthiness.

Cushions of natural jute, fresh white cottons and supple, toneless linens provide a neutral palette on which to build a relaxing vibe on similar neutrally toned couches and beds.

Couple this nondescript palette with clean, geometric lines to achieve a chic, contemporary look, timeless enough to weather fickle decorating trends.

Modern Cosmopolitan

Modern living is incomplete without soft furnishings to finish the look of cozy, cosmopolitan luxury. The modern cosmopolitan style shines with the integration of deep hues like navy blue and onyx over a predominantly neutral or stark white palette.  

Metropolitan opulence is the key look, achieved by the artful incorporation of vellutos, linens and cottons. Fabrics with subtle metallic weaves, such as gold or silver threading, may serve to elevate your cushionscape by their innate undertones of sophisticated luxury.  

Whatever your choice style may be, a cohesive aesthetic must prevail. Layer your arrangements with cushions across collections, but pay attention to fabric and palette. 

Above all though, experiment and have fun! Who knows, you may come up with your own unique look.

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