Mirage Haven Christmas Sack Luxury Velvet Australia

In Line With Christmas Traditions

Mirage Haven Luxury Christmas Sack Australia

Launching a sumptuous treat for your “under-the-Holiday-tree” tableau, our latest range of luxury velvet Santa Mail sacks is poised to lavish Christmas tree vignettes this year in a range of eight festive, opulent colours. 

This limited collection of plush velvet Christmas sacks make gorgeous companions to gift wrapping. Giving fresh expression to the traditional Christmas sack, these large gift pouches are crafted from high-quality velvet with a drawstring that pulls to one side. 

A themed colour grouping adds dazzle to holiday decor. 

This collection features dark blue, duck egg blue and sky blue, suitable for the Hamptons coastal aesthetic, or for kids. Red, green and white are also included in this collection for a traditional vibe. Rose and blush pink also forms part of this collection, flaunting an unique feminine touch. 

“This holiday line celebrates our beautiful Christmas heritage of warm gift-giving and family bonding,” says Junie Lin, Creative Director and founder of Mirage Haven. 

“Following Mirage Haven’s love of classics, we hope to make these a new holiday tradition as well.”

Luxury Santa mail sacks are available at at our website for both trade and retail. 

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