Care Instructions

Care Guidelines for Cushion Covers

Mirage Haven cushion covers are all crafted from premium luxury fabrics.  High-quality textiles do deserve a little extra care to ensure their longevity. 

Our cushion range is exquisitely decorative and requires proper care to maintain their beauty.

Maintain your cushion covers and throws by taking note of the following:

All cushion covers are recommended to dry-clean only, but can be handwash at your own risk,

All duck feather cushion inserts are filled in Australia from 100% washed and sterilized premium Australian duck feathers with a 100% Japara cotton cover.

Easily maintain your cushion covers by remembering the following:

  • All cushion covers are recommended to dry-clean only.
  • Use a vacuum to remove dust on the surface.
  • Avoid using linen sprays or use them caution. Sprays have chemicals or essential oils that may cause fabric to discolour, yellow, or stain in spots.
  • Avoid rubbing fabric, especially short-fibred fabrics such as cotton. Rubbing fabric against other fabrics can cause abrasion, creating tangling and pilling.
  • Use extreme caution when spraying a fabric with waterproof or stain-proof sprays, such as Scotchgard™. Such sprays may not be suitable for non-washable fabrics such as velvet. Always check your fabric’s suitability before application. It would be prudent to do a patch test first on an inconspicuous spot to determine colourfastness.
  • Do not use cleaning products containing bleach.
  • Avoid leaving cushion covers near/out in the sun for long periods to prevent fading. The Australian climate can be especially harsh on all fabrics.


Care Guidelines for Cushion Inserts

All cushion inserts are made from 100% cotton covers, plumped by 100% sterilised high-quality Australian duck feathers. 

Keep inserts in excellent shape by: 

  • Plumping your cushions regularly
  • Airing cushions inserts from time to time
  • Removing surface dust and loose feathers through vacuuming
  • Spot cleaning using water and mild detergent only
  • Laying inserts flat in a warm but well ventilated place when drying
  • Avoiding machine washing, tumble drying, bleaching, or dry cleaning