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Unrivaled Mix Of Luxury & Affordability

With a distinct aesthetic focusing on timeless luxury, Mirage Haven offers inspired living through luxurious cushions expressing classic designs in chic, contemporary style.

Our exclusive in-house designed cushions define our brand that stands by its aspiration of accessible luxury.

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Cushion Styling Guide

Cushions spell a world of difference in interior styling. Wrapped in gorgeously textured and meticulously crafted fabrics, luxury cushions have that powerful quality of transforming a living space into a beautiful, elegant oasis.

Designed in Australia, skillful layering of our quality designer cushions is key to styling or transforming the look of any room.

Here are some quick and easy tips to get your started:

1. Pick your colour scheme
Colours set the level of vibrancy, creating either a dynamic space or a calm, soothing environment.

Highlight accent colours of a room, go tone-on-tone with the dominant hue, or both.

2. Consider patterns, shapes, sizes, and textures
Cushion arrangements that incorporate layering of various textures, patterns, sizes and shapes offer immense visual interest and depth.

Use plain cushions as foundational pieces on which to build on your choices of patterns and textures.

3. Calculate the number of cushions for an arrangement
Couch and space size may dictate the number of cushion pieces.

For instance, an armchair may require just one to two cushions, but a king size bed or large sofa may require at least four to eight cushions.