Why A Personalised Velvet Santa Sack Makes Christmas More Special?

Why A Personalised Velvet Santa Sack Makes Christmas More Special?

Whether you’re eight or eighty, the Christmas season can be an exciting time of year. But it becomes more fun and memorable when you can add more sentiment to it.  

One way to infuse sentiment is by taking gift-giving up a notch. 

Use our new line of personalised velvet Santa Sacks to help you create a more touching, bespoke Christmas.

Individualise each sack by embellishing them with embroidered letters spelling a family member’s name. 

Beautiful monograms such as these let each one cherish their pouch as their very own.

On Christmas morning, your family will wake up to a sumptuous array of large velvet sacks in beautiful hues under your festive Christmas tree. 

Share in that delightful wow of awe and delicious anticipation as each one hugs their personalised pouch, holding all their presents. 

Durable craftsmanship grants each personalised velvet Santa Sack a lifetime of Christmases as family keepsakes.

It is no wonder famed blogger The Interiors Addict Jen Bishop names our deluxe Christmas sacks as “the best looking Santa Sacks in Australia” 

Our personalised velvet Christmas sacks come in an array of colours. The hues range from your traditional reds to classic Hamptons blues, pastels and jewel tones.

Recently two new alluring colours have been added for you: sage green and french blue

We deliver our velvet Santa Sacks Australia-wide, explore our range right here.
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